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“the Death aproaches” is a common said in the new world. It’s been 1000 years since the world broke. The cities were abandoned and the people began to kill each other. Every single year,the human population reduces at fast speed, and no matter how hard the people work to rebuilt the past, only you can trust in one single thing: Now.

However, three main cities managed somehow to raise in the planet Hell. All of them built by the same man. A man who turn the despair of the world and get a new hope for humankind. This god-man was named Vicarius, and today is considerated it as a God.

The three cities called Zeus, Hades and Poseidón are the three related to give hope to the human kind. This humans now only have the three cities as their only hope.

No matter how hard it seems to believe, the human in these cities managed to built a new order, but they have to sacrifice a lot of freedoms and wishes. In this new world, the only thing that matters is now, so everyone must proof the city their usefull. This Hell turns the people mad. The groups of persons without the shelter’s city turns into bandits, slave traders or something worst: Ghouls.

But this is only the dangers by the hands of humans. The world got enough radiation to create new monsters from animals and living things. Besides, there is a faction of robots who begins to anihilate all humans and living thing leaving nothing at their pace.

Today is the year 3012, and no one remembers what is the meaning of a peaceful day. Only remembers one thing:
“the Death aproaches”

Home Page

The Human Fall. Unknown