The end of the world came in september of 2013, but began earlier.

Vicarius wasn’t the real name of the god, he only choose this name after many years laters.

In the end of the world, all the countries began a war between them. In the first three months, this war keep a sense. Once began to spread the nuclear waste, no more countries existed. Only dozens of groups trying to survive in many isolated cities and survive from the rest of humans. In the city of Calgary, Vicarius and his group made their first steps. In the first moment, Vicarius wasn’t even relevan from the team. Not until the rescues of the Great sister of magik. Vicarius lived among his first group (which had almos all the pantheon of the paths).

All the group was starvating. All the group was tired. No one had any hope. No matter how they looked, they knew only one thing: “The world is ended”. Vicarius can’t hold that situation for much time. All that feelings, all the nonsense. The people began to killed itself after two months. When a single trace of hope draw in their lifes, another humans fight them and killed them only to get the chance of get fooled of themselves. At that moment, nothing mattered. Kids, women, men, wise, strength, beuty. All were destroyed by the fears of few men. By the ambition of a few men. Vicarius hate them with all his heart. But only was one thing that he hated more. He hated his own weakness. He should do something,no, he think that he had to do something, He had to stop that crazy war. He didn’t know how actually could achieve that goal, only that he had failed to the purpose of his life. And now, all the humankind was suffering thanks his own weakness.

23 October of 2013, he stand up. He was at the roof of a building. It was very high, you can almos see a full city. Nearly 20 meters. He could just made a small movement and end all his suffering. One simple jump and all will be over. Then, he looked down. And suddenly realized how selfish was he. Then he scream with all the air of his lungs. Almost, the whole existances was about to break itself. No one know what really happens, what was the meaning of that feeling. Only Vicarius perhaps will ever known.

And the story began with Five Words, the holiests words spoke from the lips of the holiest man in Hell: “I’ll save the world”.

And from that moment, the humans regained some hope. Perhaps, all wasn’t lost. At least no yet. And from that 23 OCtober of 2013, the world began to change. Very slow, but it began. After all, a human began his path to turn itself into a god. Even if Vicarius didn’t realized of it.


The Human Fall. Unknown